Madrid Take 1 | June 5, 2009

After thinking about our day for a bit, I´ve decided there´s no real way to synthesize all that we did and saw. So here it is. The above leaning towers were designed by Philip Johnson, again if you don´t know who he is I highly recommend looking him up. He´s one of the few really likable architects that I know. Passed away a few years ago, but has left us some unique, and yes wierd buildings, but I think that´s part of what I like so much about him.

I couldn´t help but include the project below. I don´t know who built it, but the aluminum detal is delish.

And who doesn´t like a suspended concrete whatchamacalit.

This is the IBM building. I love the window detail. Pretty interesting in terms of concrete fabrication and modular-type construction.

This is a school addition by an architect whose name is escaping me, but it is quite brilliant, particularly in terms of efficiency. For the time it was built it was radical in some ways. Up side down trusses weren´t really the thing then. The way that he was able to maximize space and get natural light into such a complex addition is really amazing. The lady who showed us around was also a sweetheart. Took us around on her lunch break.

This was my last stop with the class today, which I´ll explain in a minute. Another case of nice concrete fabrication. It was all caged up, but you can see a lot of the nice details. A really simple modular idea, but works really nicely.
I split from the group after the church because today would be my last chance to get to the Madrid Temple. I try and attend every new temple within a reasonable proximity to where I travel, and this one was right on the metro. Theres a missionary training center right across the street from this one. I bumped into a couple of missionaries on the way in and one of them offered me a great sandwich. Really lucky for me since I was starving and didn´t have time to pick something up. Made it in time for the last session of the day.
After I got home we headed to this place called 100 sandwiches. Basically they have 100 sandwiches and they all cost a euro. They´re small, but really good.
Ended the night with some desert at Plaza Meyor. It´s a great place to hang out with quite good food and shops.

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