In the Studio | May 25, 2009

We went over our first assignment in studio today. The task was to take plans and sections of the Santa Caterina Market and find ways to reinterpret them through a particular reference within modern art. The parameters of the assignment were very loose, which was evident as we put our work on the table. The results varied quite a bit, which provided for a pretty interesting and lively discussion about the work.

A lot of emotions are in play as you prepare to present work to a group. I had an interesting experience with one of my professors. He had liked one of my ideas very much, and he said to me, “you must have been really confident going into that review.” I had been scared out of my mind! Doesn’t matter how much time and effort I’ve put into something, there’s always a part of me that’s nervous about how the discussion will go and what the reactions will be. Even though this review was pretty low key, I think you can see expressions of what I’m talking about in some of our faces. But more than the nerves I think you can discern a pretty intense focus. It’s a really remarkable thing for a group of people to struggle together with a common question, and then make strides to understand it better. A pretty good way to spend the morning I think.


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