Gaudi | May 20, 2009

We made a pretty mean climb up through Gracia to Parc Guell. It was a project by Gaudi meant to be luxury housing that never really took off, but you can still go up and walk around and get a great view of the city. In some ways it reminded me of walking out of the city and into Disneyland; just doesn’t seem based in reality at all. I like it.

We headed down the hill and passed through some public squares in Gracia. They were all really nice, but a little dead since it was before lunchtime. By the time we got around to eating, there weren’t many seats to be found. The one below is where we stoped for lunch. Along with another picture worthy sandwich. Me getting my ham on! Get it, Jamón! Nevermind.
Finished the day at the remarkable Casa Mila. The whole thing is pretty great, but the experience on the roof was excellent. I had nothing left when I got to the top, but Cecilia managed to get a goup picture out of us. I’ll post it when I get a copy.


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