Girona | May 17, 2009

We took the train this morning to a little town called Girona. The trip was about an hour and a half from Barcelona. Not too bad. The town was in the middle of some kind of festival. I’m not sure what they were celebrating, but it did mean that we got some free local food, so I was all about it! They gave us what looked like a fried sandwich. I was a little skeptical, but it ended up being pretty good.

The city is a pretty interesting specimen. The old part of the city is largely in tact atop a very steep terrain. You can tell that it was founded at a time that the ability to defend the city from invaders was the first priority. I got to walk over the remaining portions of the old city wall and got a pretty remarkable view.

We went inside St Mary’s Cathedral (above) for a bit. Apparently it has the widest Gothic nave in the world (75 feet or something). They don’t let you take pictures inside, but for those of you who know me, that just the beginning of a game to see how many pictures I can get before they throw me out. I think I got 15 or so.

One of the really nice things about the town was the really cheap good food. We stopped for lunch at a little cafe and got sandwiches. I got mine on a recommendation from my waitress and wasn’t disappointed. The picture alone was worth it. Check it out.

On the way out we saw a pretty place that I call the “post-it installation”. I think the pictures are self explanatory, but it was fun to walk through and photograph. We headed out shortly thereafter, stopped for Gelato, then headed home.


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