Night at the Museums | May 16, 2009

We found out that today is some kind of “get in the museums free” day, so being the poor college students that we are, we took full advantage. After eating dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant around the corner (I had the veggi lasagna, it was pretty good), we went over to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).

I have to admit that the work there was pretty amazing. It seemed like the theme of the exhibit had something to do with historic film techniques. I tried to take some pictures of the exhibits, but the guard threatened me with certain death if I didn’t put my camera away.

The next stop was the museum right next door, the Barcelona Center of Contemporary Culture (CCCB). I have to say I didn’t care that much for the exhibits, but the building itself is quite amazing. The building has two components: A horse shoe shaped historic building that is capped off by a modern renovation. The renovation is this enormous glass facade that tilts down just enough so that you can see the horizon over the buildings behind you. Really quite impressive.


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