And the Rain Keeps Coming | May 14, 2009

I woke up this morning to the sounds of festive music and people up and about on the street. So I’m thinking, everyone’s so happy because the miserable rain and gloom is over. I was, of course wrong. Being from the US I underestimated the crowd’s need to celebrate after a victorious soccer match, even in the pouring rain. I think there’s only a couple of games left before the big cup match in Rome, but I’m sure there’s just more chaos when the weather’s good.

Despite the weather, I’ve come too far to waste a day inside, so I found some shade in a courtyard outside the Frederik Mares Museum (above). I had passed by it two days earlier, but thought it was worth some time to sketch the space out a bit. I must admit, it was a little fool-hearty since the rain eventually got bad enough that drops found their way on my fresh black ink. So I took that as a sign and headed back to the studio.

Our professor wisely penciled in a lecture today due to the bad weather. It was a pretty interesting lecture, although his thoughts on modern art as it relates to architecture contradict just about everything I said in my last blog post. That’s ok though, he and I will just be in disagreement about that.

Spent the rest of the afternoon in search of a meal. Our professor ended his lecture at such a time that the rest of the city was in between meals and not serving much. Spending so much time in the markets has really intrigued me with the many different kinds of food available. And even the not-so-different ones have quite a different look. The ham (below), for instance really fascinates me. I haven’t had any yet, but I think I’ll rectify that in the next day or so. Yummy!


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